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Content Management Systems (CMS) form the foundation of countless modern websites today. Especially when regular content updates are needed, these ingenious systems shine. Once set up, content can be comfortably and efficiently managed through a Content Management System.

Selecting the right system requires an individual analysis of specific requirements. Based on your unique circumstances, we collaboratively develop a set of requirements and advise you on the appropriate Content Management System.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we possess knowledge of various popular systems in the field. The following systems are particularly commonly used:

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With over 500,000 installations worldwide, TYPO3 ranks among the top Enterprise Content Management Systems. This flexible Open Source CMS stands out with its extensive functionalities and a vast collection of extensions and plugins. Unlike other systems, building complex applications requires profound programming expertise. Content management can be somewhat less user-friendly, making comprehensive training for editors essential.

WordPress has evolved from a simple blogging system into a popular Content Management System. Despite recurring security issues, the system holds the top spot with a market share of around 60% today. It’s relatively straightforward to install and use, and features a sophisticated rights management system. Numerous template sets and themes are available for web design, along with a multitude of plugins and extensions to cater to essential technical functionalities. cms Logo

Our proprietary CMS embodies the essence of all experiences and requirements, blending the strengths of various systems. Effectively, it serves as an open-source solution for our clients. The system can seamlessly adapt to nearly any requirement and currently underpins over 100 of our clients’ websites. was consistently developed with a modular approach. This user-friendly system provides information cross-modularly. Different system areas and modules are interconnected, so an adjustment in Module A simultaneously triggers a change in Module B, for example. Changes made in the intranet are instantly reflected in your online presence, ensuring synchronicity.

Tailored TYPO3 Solutions.

TYPO3 is ideal for realizing highly complex applications. Leveraging a combination of existing and custom-developed extensions, we tailor the system to meet our clients’ specific needs, even bringing exceptional web designs to life.

Planning. Construction. Integration.

Increasingly, Content Management Systems serve as the technical foundation for intricate online strategies. Our expertise lies in integrating various systems into complex structures and executing user-friendly processes.

Whether for an intranet, recruiting portal, or a straightforward website, across diverse touchpoints, we bring forth customized applications as standard solutions or individually developed systems linked to your CRM, ERP, or HR software.

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System Customization

When the standard functionalities of a CMS fall short, we develop and implement our own extensions tailored specifically to your requirements.

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For the integration of existing content, such as from CRM or ERP systems, we develop custom interfaces to seamlessly link the systems.

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Rights Management

Personalized access ensures that users only see and edit elements relevant to their specific roles.

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Multilingual Capability

All the CMS systems we deploy support multilingual structures. Designed with internationalization in mind from the start, seamless multilingual integration is always achievable. – what you see, is what you get.

Our proprietary CMS,, features an advanced “What you see is what you get” mode. Modify content directly within the page design and effortlessly review all changes in preview mode before publishing.

Content Maintenance – Even on the Go.

Websites should not only be visually appealing on various devices but also be editable via smartphones or tablets. Nowadays, the CMS editorial environment adapts to the output device’s format.

This way, all content can be structured and managed on the go, irrespective of screen size, ensuring clarity and organization.

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