Data Management through PIM

Elevate Your Product Data Quality – Unleash its Power Across Every Channel!

PIM Data Management

Unleash the Potential of Your Product Data – Elevate Quality Across All Channels!

D.A.S. – Beyond a PIM System

Online Platform, Price Search Engine, Discount Outlets, Wholesale Markets? In German, English, Spanish?

Various avenues for sales demand unique and custom datasets to showcase your product effectively. While this might be manageable for a handful of items, imagine dealing with hundreds or even thousands in your inventory.

Embracing forward-looking, digital management of product-specific data isn’t just an option; it’s a cornerstone for success across a multitude of business scenarios. With more businesses adopting diverse, often global distribution channels, the demand for powerful Product Information Management (PIM) systems is soaring. Get ahead of the curve – your business deserves the best.

Take control of your product data.

The Data Aggregation System by bgp goes beyond the capabilities of well-known PIM systems. Its core is a data management hub, effortlessly configurable without programming expertise, where all your product information resides in one place – along with associated files and media. With D.A.S., you gain the power to harmonize, group, and tailor your product records with ease, catering to a multitude of distribution channels.

Connector System? Integrated.

With an integrated connector system, assembling data streams for various channels becomes as easy as drag and drop. The more detailed and intricate your central data repository, the simpler it is to configure individual data strings.

All changes and additions to datasets now occur at a central point, as the connectors automatically reflect these changes, updating data streams to distribution channels accordingly.

Web-Based & Visually Driven.

The flexible creation, maintenance, and configuration of datasets take place within D.A.S. through a web-based, graphical interface. Thanks to easily categorizable data classes (such as brands, product groups, components, suppliers, accessories), you maintain control over your records, even when dealing with thousands of diverse items and datasets.
Aufgabenroutinen Icon

Organize output routines.

Website, catalog, distribution channel? Set up data streams with just a few clicks and configure your data as you see fit.

Konfiguration Icon

Create and maintain data fields.

Dropdown lists, selection fields, or free text? Configure datasets with different field types effortlessly on your own.

Individually match datasets.

Create structured datasets for any output channel effortlessly using D.A.S.’s drag-and-drop feature. Link all your marketing, sales, and product information, and seamlessly transmit them in real-time to various ERP, CRM, or eCommerce systems via API integration.

User-friendly interface.

Explore D.A.S. as an intuitively navigable system and always stay in control.

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Clear quality control.

Define your own quality standards and easily visualize any deviations.

Konnektoren Icon

Integrated connectors.

Data from A to B, or C, or D? The integrated connector system ensures flawless datasets across every channel.

Sprachen Icon

Data for every market.

Why not set up your product data multilingually with just a click and structured translation tables?

Lieferantendaten Icon

Supplier data on your terms.

Set the structure and allow suppliers to provide their information in an organized manner according to your guidelines.

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Optimize processes.

Liberate yourself from the errors and delays caused by Excel spreadsheets and manual processes.

Flawless product data for every channel – anytime, anywhere.

Collection change? New product launch? Sale? New international markets?

Prepare the corresponding datasets in D.A.S. at your own pace and update your product data according to your schedule with a simple click. D.A.S. helps you orchestrate all your product data across diverse channels consistently and with high quality.

Ensure perfectly formatted data is available anytime – online or offline. Thanks to D.A.S., distribution channels, clients, or your print agency can access identical, up-to-date, and comprehensive product information.

Helmut Reiter

The specialist in forklifts and work platforms leverages the user-friendly interface of our PIM D.A.S. for up-to-date technical data, image and datasheet management, and effortlessly manages data streams from external partners.

Cycle Union

Five bicycle brands with regular data exports for countless model variations in sizes, frame types, colors, features, or model years – an ideal, multilingual use case for our PIM.

Laco Watch Manufacture

International business, numerous distribution or social media channels, and hundreds of similar yet distinct products. Such a product portfolio necessitates a practical and organized data management system for swift and efficient operations.

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