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iOS & Android App-Development

Unlocking user value: Your journey enhanced with native iOS & Android App magic!

App-tastic journey begins!

Welcome to the Era of Smartphones and Tablets – the ultimate duo of leisure and business prowess. Picture this: a bustling world of ‘apps,’ those magical digital helpers that effortlessly tackle tasks and weave services into a seamless tapestry. They’re like your personal concierge, amplifying customer connections and sprinkling user satisfaction like confetti. And guess what? These apps are wizards at tapping into the full spectrum of tech wizardry nestled within these devices – think Geo-Services, Bluetooth magic, camera charm, and a symphony of audio-visual marvels.

Now, imagine the spotlight on you. With bgp’s iOS and Android app wizardry, your brand takes center stage. We’re not just talking about apps; we’re talking about bespoke symphonies of service, tailored just for you. Whether it’s giving your customers superhero support, jazzing up your product registry, orchestrating backstage employee brilliance, or rolling out red-carpet-worthy specials and updates – our apps are your brand’s spotlight, perfectly tuned to your needs.

Ready to make magic? Let’s craft an app symphony that harmonizes with your brand’s rhythm.

My Bike Rabeneick-App

E-Bike mastery, product registration, service discovery – the my Bike App by Rabeneick delivers essential E-bike control and captivating services for customer loyalty.

Bike Registrierung Icon

Bike registration

Register E-Bikes and bicycles with a simple code scan. Quick, Secure, Reliable.

Account Icon

Client profile

Customer profiles: effortless product association and targeted communication at your fingertips.

Settings Icon

Find a service

Smart nearby search – effortlessly locate service partners or tire vending machines.

Start Icon

E-bike controller

Through Bluetooth interface, control every vital function – from support level to lighting system.

App as an added value tool.

iOS or Android Apps become truly captivating when they promise distinctive value to users. At Rabeneick, we’ve integrated a spectrum of value-added services that make a Bike owner’s life a touch simpler. For instance, our Bike Registration through a Code Scan isn’t just ingenious and swift; it also comes with a theft-reporting service – complete with a pre-filled PDF theft report for insurance or police. And if a flat tire interrupts your weekend ride, our Tire Vending Machine Locator is sure to bring a smile.

The app as an e-bike cockpit.

Bluetooth Icon

Bluetooth connectivity

Clever e-bike control via Bluetooth interface.

Volt Icon

Consumption indicator

Knowing the current power flow at any time during the ride.

Licht Icon

Let there be Light.

The lighting system is easily controlled via smartphone.

Battery Icon

Charge status display

Instantly knowing how long the battery will last at a glance.

Client examples

ABH Busbars

Development of a native app for iOS and Android devices, enabling cost and energy comparison of alternative busbars. The app is compatible with smartphones and tablets. A browser client version is also available within the website.

Learn more »

Premio Pannenhilfe App

Customer-oriented web app for smartphones and tablets with a functional user interface, allowing the user in case of a breakdown to initiate an 'emergency call' to the nearest breakdown service with appropriate spare parts.

Learn more »

CentrO Oberhausen

App for iOS and Android with technical integrations and interfaces, including analysis and presentation of gathered data in the backend. Integration of website features such as store locator, online coupons, gift card purchases, balance retrieval, and parking garage occupancy.

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Michael Siener – bgp

Direct contact:

Call me or send me an e-mail if you need to develop a distinctive image or successful marketing strategies for your brand, product, or company.

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Michael Siener
Key Account Management | Concept, Consulting
Telephone: +49 208 409630-11

Interface & Connector Systems

Interface and Connector Systems

Simplified data exchange.

Optimized data processes for the digital future of your business.

Whether it’s a website, internet, eCommerce, recruiting, or automated print production – various facets of a digital ecosystem can swiftly and seamlessly exchange data through API interfaces. Import and export connections to ERP, CRM, or HR systems are facilitated either via exchange files, web services, or what we term as connector systems. The latter, particularly, minimize transmission errors and excel as a foundation for a smartly interconnected and digitized enterprise.

Once a data source – such as an ERP or CRM system – is linked to one of our systems via import or export functions, the data is automatically gathered, filtered, and made available, all while strictly adhering to current security and data privacy regulations.

Connector Systems – Gathering, Bundling, Transferring Data

Connectors are the unsung heroes that seamlessly unite diverse data sources, making the chore of data distribution and integration a breeze with their impressive automation muscle. These savvy connectors tap into data fountains like CRM and ERP systems, databases, or even social media platforms, delivering a dynamic and nimble data integration dance, all without requiring you to wield any coding magic.

Adaptable synchronization

Intelligent links

Automatic links

Master data extension

Multi export

Payment & Shipping data control

Bernd Scholl – bgp

Direct contact:

Are you ready to captivate your clients with professional websites, portals, or e-commerce apps? We define, build, and scale digital tools people want and businesses need.

Feeling motivated to get going? Give me a call or send me an email.

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Bernd Scholl
Managing Director | Development, Consulting
Phone: +49 208 409 630-27

Digital Ecosystems

Digital Ecosystems

Intelligently Connecting Systems, Data, and Touchpoints.

The Sound Strategy for Your Digital Future.

Traditional business models are facing increasing pressure to adapt to and actively shape the digital evolution. The growing digitization with its myriad touchpoints presents a significant new challenge for many companies. The solution lies in conceptualizing a digital ecosystem, taking into account business objectives, existing structures, as well as the economic and human resources of the company.

A Challenge that Holds Opportunities.

It all begins with examining your company’s operations and current digital landscape. Our goal is to develop an innovative strategy for smartly integrating applications and services, benefitting customers, partners, and employees alike. The outcome is a digital ecosystem—a customer-centered network of excellence.

We gather company-specific services and processes onto a central digital platform, streamlining interactions across various channels and touchpoints. This ensures seamless connectivity and efficient engagement.

Elevating E-Commerce with a Strategic Approach.

A well-structured and scalable e-commerce system considers your current software setup (ERP, CRM) and plans for its future growth. By selecting a suitable e-commerce platform and incorporating useful features like a Product Information Management (PIM) system or advanced search functionality, you can effortlessly expand internationally or integrate with popular marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, and Facebook Shop.

Connected Processes

Efficiently Linking Internal and External Applications to streamline collaboration and communication with customers, partners, and employees within a holistic approach.

Data as a Resource

Establishing digital ecosystems positions data as a strategic corporate resource alongside personnel, technology, and capital, ensuring long-term sustainability. This is essential for Industry 4.0 and modern CRM and logistics processes.

Touchpoint mapping

Working alongside you, we identify the digital touchpoints of all stakeholders within and around your company, both internally and externally.

Channel planning

Smartly planned and secure data streams ensure that you're making informed decisions and optimizing essential channels for long-term success.


With systematic foresight, we can learn from past data and processes to anticipate future developments.


Scalable business models require strategic planning and the utilization of flexible, open, and potentially interchangeable tools.

Is this the solution your company has been searching for?

When it comes to digital ecosystems, your thoughts might naturally gravitate towards startups or tech giants – and indeed, these trailblazers paved the way. Yet, today, structured and top-tier data is becoming a prized asset for a diverse range of businesses. The need to strategically unite software, hardware, technology, and your talented team within a framework that detects possibilities and envisions progress is becoming almost inevitable.

So, the real question isn’t if you should build an ecosystem, but rather, as an entrepreneur, when will you step confidently into your digital future?

Michael Siener – bgp

Direct contact:

Call me or send me an e-mail if you need to develop a distinctive image or successful marketing strategies for your brand, product, or company.

Your personal adviser:

Michael Siener
Key Account Management | Concept, Consulting
Telephone: +49 208 409630-11

Marketplace Integration

Local. Nationwide. Worldwide.

Marketplace Integration

Local. Nationwide. Worldwide.

We‘re helping to sell!

What makes a B2C commerce experience successful? It’s all about how easy it is for your customers to discover, learn about, and purchase your products, all while differentiating yourself from competitors.

In 2023 it’s a no-brainer that your brand will need to hold digital space. Nowadays, almost every second e-commerce euro is earned online on marketplaces and platforms. One of the biggest advantages of using online marketplaces is that they can make it easier to acquire new clients and expand your customer base. 

Expand your digital footprint by integrating with marketplaces around the globe. It helps you manage product listings and boost revenue on popular online marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay, etc.

With years of experience in digital commerce, bgp knows what it takes to reach a wider variety of customers, who may not have heard of their product otherwise. We develop numerous extensions and tools for the perfect adaptation of your marketplaces to your and your customers’ needs.

What are you waiting for?

The multichannel E-Commerce solution for your success

Your customers are everywhere, and so should you.

With bgp and plentymarkets, you can increase your reach and boost sales. Reach is a crucial part of a company’s online presence and covers its opportunities to engage with consumers. Also, reach provides a business with increased sales and consumer traffic. We help you connect and manage all sales channels both locally and internationally.

New sales channels can be easily integrated at any time.

Trust is good. plentymarkets is even better.

Who, what, when, how much, where? The more marketplaces you operate, the more important it is to maintain a complete overview. Reliability and control are the most important basic requirements for smooth online commerce.

With our help and plentymarkets , you always have all your marketplace data centralized in one place:

  • Product inventory and price management
  • Fast and secure order processing
  • Detailed product analyses
  • and much more.

An overview of our services within the plentymarkets system:

Schnittstelle Icon

System set-up

Complete and customized configuration of the plentymarkets system, integration with shop systems, third-party platforms, payment service providers, and price comparison portals. Automated control of order status, order, and customer data between the shop, ERP, PIM, and plentymarkets.

Systemanpassung Icon

Design & Creation

Conceptualization and implementation of device-responsive and user-friendly shop designs, custom template and theme development, templates for eBay and Amazon A+ Content.

Mehrsprachigkeit Icon

Marketing & Sales

Strategy, conceptualization, and execution of multichannel online marketing campaigns (affiliate, social media, search engine, display marketing), newsletter marketing, and support for online lead generation (B2B / B2C).

Rechtverwaltung Icon


Product maintenance, training, continuous support, and personalized assistance.

Prozesse Icon


Rest API interface development, integration of third-party systems, extensions, and plugin development.

Info Icon

Concept & Consulting

Process analysis, strategy, conceptualization, and consultation regarding technology, revision, and redevelopment of your digital commerce ecosystem.

Experienced and tested marketplace integration.

In collaboration with our partner, the wholesaler Selva Technik, we possess a professional and experienced unit within the company that truly comprehends marketplaces from the perspective of a nationally and internationally selling retailer. Equipped with plentymarkets and bespoke interfaces, we simultaneously hold the technical foundation and the necessary expertise to connect nearly any online shop or ERP system to over 90 marketplaces worldwide.

Built upon this expertise, we, in conjunction with our partner Selva Technik, offer you comprehensive advisory and implementation competence, accompanied by the practical experience of an online retailer who, in 2021, managed a successful online business on numerous marketplaces with over 180,000 products in the portfolio and more than 400,000 items sold. Moreover, in the realm of logistics, Selva Technik doesn’t merely provide consultation and assistance, but can also offer physical fulfillment through its two modern logistics centers.

With Marius Eckel (Head of E-Commerce), the Selva expert team further boasts a genuine marketplace specialist with outstanding experience and know-how in administration and presentation on Amazon.

An interview containing valuable insights on the subject can be found further down this page.

We’re here to assist you with:

  • Conceptualizing, planning, and implementing the entire “E-Commerce Ecosystem”
  • Workshops in collaboration with plentymarkets
  • Registering accounts and brands on marketplaces, especially on Amazon
  • Creating and maintaining product data, including images and videos
  • Boosting your brand through features like A+ (Amazon) and custom templates (eBay)
  • Navigating tax considerations in cross-border business, Pan EU, OSS reporting, and Intrastat
  • Logistics and Fulfillment
  • And much more.

We're here to help you sell. 

Schedule your personal marketplace appointment now!

For over 25 years, bgp has been delivering digital e-commerce and multichannel communication solutions, alongside tailored software development, creating an unbeatable fusion of advisory prowess and hands-on execution.

We position ourselves as strategic partners and innovative developers by your side, functioning as goal-oriented team players who comprehend organizational structures and viable solutions. Numerous clients value us as creative catalysts, brimming with enthusiasm; as professional advisors, rich in experience; or as a dynamic force, propelling rapid and lasting success.

We’re eager to connect with you!

E-Commerce und Marketplaces

Your personal advisor:

Marius Eckel
Head of E-Commerce & Marketplaces

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Bernd Scholl – bgp Tools und Software Development

Your personal advisor:

Bernd Scholl
Managing Director | Development, Consulting

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Strategy, Consultation, Digital Transformation

Your personal advisor:

Andreas Paul Baumann
Managing Director | Concept, Consulting


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Michael Siener – bgp

Concept, Creation, Brand Management

Your personal advisor:

Michael Siener
Key Account Management | Conceptualization, Consultation

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E-Commerce & Webshops

E-Commerce & Webshops

Efficient online business for bigger success.

Business 24/7

Would you like to attract new target groups or retain existing customers?

We offer e-commerce solutions for almost any budget. From small, inexpensive online stores to complex individual solutions with hundreds of thousands of items and interfaces to merchandise management or customer administration.

But which shop system is suitable?

Together, we develop a profile for your e-commerce solution and define the right system individually for each business case. With Shopware, xt:commerce and Magento, we generally rely on leading providers in Germany.

Shopware – bgp

Over 100,000 users now place their trust in Shopware – the German e-commerce system from Schöppingen in North Rhine-Westphalia. This versatile e-commerce platform is flexible, easily scalable based on your business case and company growth, and remarkably user-friendly. The system is ideal for assortments featuring numerous product variations and also includes an excellent integrated analysis tool, such as detailed revenue analyses considering a wide array of shop-related criteria.

More about Shopware
xt Commerce – bgp

xt:Commerce ranks among the top 5 most widely used e-commerce systems globally. Thanks to its modular structure, this responsive system seamlessly incorporates necessary extensions and can be scaled effortlessly, even up to a multi-shop solution. xt:Commerce provides an excellent foundation for search engine optimization and, with its Trusted Shop certification, automatically meets the fundamental requirements for the legal security of your shop.

Magento – bgp

The multi-award-winning and widely adopted e-commerce system from Adobe offers an impressive array of features, plug-ins, and interfaces for ERP and CRM systems. Thanks to its streamlined web architecture and versatile customization options, the system is particularly SEO-friendly. Through a complex yet always comprehensible dashboard, Magento is remarkably easy to administer. Its affiliation with Adobe ensures a high level of future security.

xt:Commerce for Laco

For the long-established Pforzheim watch manufacturer, we’ve created a sophisticated online store with an international focus, based on xt:Commerce. Numerous customized features, combined with a consistent alignment of the shop to Laco’s corporate and brand design, have transformed the store into a globally successful shopping experience.

Laco - an exceptional brand with an extraordinary presence.

Quality, perfection, exclusivity coupled with excellent service – these are the criteria by which premium brands are generally measured. Timepieces from Laco enjoy an outstanding reputation worldwide, especially the historically significant pilot watches. In the 1930s and 1940s, Laco played a pivotal role in shaping the distinctive design of this category of watches.

The international focus of Laco Watch Manufacture, with a strong emphasis on the US market, necessitated a multilingual e-commerce solution, initially available in German, English, and Spanish. Nowadays, the shop is accessible in 50 languages through a dynamic online translation. The product images are universally comprehensible, reflecting a multicultural approach. In addition to conceptualization, design, and implementation, our full-service care includes product photography.

Individually developed extensions compensate for missing features in the standard shop solution of the employed xt:Commerce system.

Time-honored watches presented in a contemporary manner – available at

More about the project
Icon Warenkorb

Online shopping made easy.

Click & buy - streamlined checkout process with versatile payment options.

Verschlüsselung auf Bankenniveau

Better safe than sorry.

Bank-level encryption paired with Trusted Shops certification.

Individuelle Produkte per Klick

Customized products with a single click.

Easily customize products during the ordering process.

Käufer mit Profil

Käufer mit Profil.

Order quickly, check order status, and review purchase history.

eCommerce and more.

Creating a top-tier international e-commerce solution involves more than just a quality online store. As a full-service agency, we bring to life a comprehensive array of supplementary actions, both in the digital realm and offline. From search engine optimization, newsletters, and display campaigns to an array of social media endeavors, all backed by vigilant monitoring. We extend our expertise further to encompass corporate design, brochures, promotional materials, and even provide assistance for trade show activities.

The perfect system for your shop.

Depending on the specific business case, we define the corresponding requirements for a future-proof e-commerce solution. After thorough analysis, we provide a system recommendation. Utilizing the appropriate shop system for the given scenario, we bring to life sophisticated B2C and B2B solutions.

Customer examples

SWYPE #VollDigital

Revolutionizing Specialty Retail. For the E-MTB brand SWYPE, we've utilized Shopware to establish a fully digital e-commerce and service solution for the B2B sector. Dealers can now place bike orders or initiate service cases exclusively online.
#FullyDigital, that's the way it is.

Learn more


Magento solution for an online store specializing in outdoor clothing and equipment. At the core of the application lies a sophisticated interface structure, interacting seamlessly with the customer's ERP and CRM systems.


Comprehensive Opencart application featuring numerous custom extensions and features. A unique aspect of this application is the simultaneous integration of the shop with bgp's proprietary PIM system (Product Information Management) and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, also known as Navision.

Learn more
Bernd Scholl – bgp

Direct contact:

Are you ready to captivate your clients with professional websites, portals, or e-commerce apps? We define, build, and scale digital tools people want and businesses need.

Feeling motivated to get going? Give me a call or send me an email.

Your personal advisor:

Bernd Scholl
Managing Director | Development, Consulting
Phone: +49 208 409 630-27

Web design & Development

Web Design & Development

User-friendly and conversion-optimized - for more success on the Internet

A creative eye for pixels and details.

Successful web design needs creative ideas, conceptual experience, and the right tools. Well-thought-out web design should be user-friendly and meet the expectations of visitors. At the same time, it should also convey the image of your company, brand, or organization.

The structural planning is important for user guidance, especially when working with large websites. Proper website navigation allows visitors to flow from one page to another without frustration. We are aiming to find a good balance in functionality and creative design.

During the design phase, we take into account different screen and display sizes, possible resolutions, different operating systems, and browser versions.

Aesthetics, Function, Content.

Design is nothing without content, and content without design is hard to enjoy. That’s why our designers always have the goal in mind of presenting content that is simple yet aesthetically pleasing. User-friendliness requires a quick, guided orientation and an uncomplicated path to different depths of information.

Less is more.

Responsive websites automatically adapt to different monitor and display sizes. However, do you need all of the info on your mobile device? Probably not. That’s why content and functions have typically shown in a reduced form on tablets or smartphones.


Which Content Management System should I choose? Do newsletter registrations also have to be entered directly into the CRM system? Should an ERP be connected? Does the site have to be barrier-free? Search engine optimization, dynamic or static content, embedded videos, audio files, HTML, PHP, MySQL, or functioning XML interfaces to your recruiting system?

We receive thousands of such questions from clients. So many things should have taken into consideration, and it could be overwhelming.

Don't worry about a thing. We've got you covered.Tailor your web design according to your needs with bgp Before we start working on a project, we research your product or service to create the most suitable solution for you.

How do we work?

National Theater of Weimar

Dates, schedule, ticketing, news, cast, trailers, statements, social media - the web design of the National Theater Weimar follows the needs of the visitors and presents itself - following the Weimar Bauhaus style - businesslike, reduced and functional.

Learn more »


Feel the spirit of a "world tour in one day" in the heart of the Ruhr area: Web design and implementation of the frontend as the informative, entertaining online home of the popular Zoom Erlebniswelt in Gelsenkirchen.

Learn more »


We implemented a multi-level concept taking into consideration a diverse target group including students of the boarding school, parents, prospective students, and graduates. A clear, guiding website design for the well-known boarding school on the Lower Rhine with an easy-to-navigate info portal.

Learn more »
Michael Siener – bgp

Direct contact:

Call me or send me an e-mail if you need to develop a distinctive image or successful marketing strategies for your brand, product, or company.

Your personal adviser:

Michael Siener
Key Account Management | Concept, Consulting
Telephone: +49 208 409630-11